How To Start an At Home Business/ Business Coaching

Are you dreaming of starting your own at home/small business or growing an existing business into the next level with little or NO money??  Don't know where to start? Like so many women in the world I  have struggled with making career choices and what to do at different times of my life. Let's face it, nothing ever stays the same. Today more than ever the internet enables us to share and sell almost anything, what is your niche, your passion? Let me share my secrets to financial freedom with you and help you make your dreams a reality.
That being said, I have created a simple, easy to follow method on starting up your at home business that works and I will be offering it Via Skype Webinars in the comfort of your own home, how great is that?

Full Packette includes:

PART 1) June 18, 2014
Creating a budget.
Trade name and registration

PART 2) June 19, 2014
 Create on-line presence with an inexpensive way to have your own blog and dot com.
Learn how to use social media like the pros.
Make an income from your passion or hobby.

PART 3) June 20, 2014
Creative ideas on how to sell without working hard.
Attract clients who want what you are offering.
Tips on saving money for all your business expenses.
Create the business of your dreams and regain YOUR POWER!

Taking Pre-orders for my "Intro Packette Part 1" on LIVE SKYPE WEBINARS!!!!!
 Registration closes June 16, 2014 

CONTACT for reservations please, you will be billed through PayPal.

June 18, 19, 20, 2014 @ 12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Introductory price $100 per session or $280 for all three.

Thank You

Nut Allergies and Hair Products

Macadamia is a nut, so what about people with nut allergies and allergic reactions?

Ok, so I tried a new line of products and loved them, but I suddenly became concerned because of the Macadamia Nut ingredients, you see my two children have nut allergies and this is always a huge concern for me. So my research began, and this is what I found, I hope this helps bring some awareness.

Contrary to common belief, the Macadamia “nut” is actually a seed, not a nut at all.  It belongs to the Proteaceae family, which are classified separately from most other tree nuts and from peanuts.  Allergens are less common than in other tree nuts or peanuts.  The oil from the Macadamia “nut” may cause a reaction the select few people with Macadamia-specific sensitizations, but even then it depends on the method of processing.  The 17.4 dDa protein which is the primary allergen is only present in raw and roasted extracts.

They say they have done extensive allergy testing and the conclusion, based on this and the fact that there have been zero reports of any incidents, is that the Macadamia Natural Oil products do not cause allergic reactions even in those suffering from nut allergies.  We do recommend, however, for those people who have nut allergies, to err on the side of caution and rub a small amount of the products on the skin to test. Usually on the inner forearm and it may take 24 hours to see any reaction. Be safe and always check out ingredients.

"How To Open A Salon"

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own salon? Not sure where to start  and what to do first? Follow me on an incredible journey while working on my next project of opening a salon, see what it takes with all the ups and downs of putting it all together. I have opened many salons for myself and for others through my 27 years of salon industry and  consulting business, each situation is different, but the basic procedures are the same. I am based in NJ, every state and municipality has different rules and regulations, follow appropriately.

Step 1:
  • Ok, it all starts with an idea, a dream and a vision, your personal vision of your ideal salon.
  • What is your vision? 
  • What will set you apart?
  • What is your budget?
  •  How many stylists?
  •  How large will your salon be?
Let's start here, food for thought. Get a journal and start jotting down daily what you want to achieve, and the answer to the few questions I have bullet pointed above.
Reflect and think about these answers first, budget and finance is a large factor in what you can create realistically.

I can be contacted for personal consulting and live webinars at 

Hair Color Trends for 2014

Hair colors 2014

Edgy Hair Colors Ideas 2014

Edgy hair color ideas 2014 cover an almost infinite tone palette. Those who are keen to explore the magical world of vibrating shades should definitely have a look at the edgy hair color that have the power to completely change our appearance.
Edgy Hair Color 2014Edgy hair
Having a similar look requires courage from you. These are some of the most impressive color combination alternatives as well as shades you can use to stay up-to-the-minute with the hair color trends 2014. There is no need to change wholly the color of your hair if you are not 100% sure. Make a change by partial hair dyeing that can be done either with the help of chunks, highlights or dip-dyed section.

Elegant Braided Hairstyles Ideas

If you are tired of wearing the same hairstyle, you can try trendy and elegant braided hairstyles, that are vey popular this season. This article will inspire you to have one of these lovely braided hairstyles that will be suitable for every occasion.
Braided Hairstyle for WomenShort-Braid-Hairstyle
The style of a braid greatly depends on the hair length and image you want to create. The variety of braided hairstyles is innumerable. These braided hairstyles are very easy to do, so once you learnt the technique, you will be able to create numerous sophisticated and fabulous braided hairstyles.
French braids or fish tail braids will be a perfect complement to your medium and long hairstyle. Do not forget to take care of your hair, because the first condition to have gorgeous hairstyle is healthy hair. Try to use high quality hair products that will make your hair look healthy and shiny. You can also apply hair mousse or hair serum to add extra volume to your tresses and provide long lasting hairstyles.

2014 Trendy Punk Hair Colors

When we say punk hairstyle and hair color, we mean edgy haircuts with vivid and eye-catching colors. Such style, when combined with proper outfit, will accentuate your audacious individuality. So if you want to stand out in a crowd with your image, check out this season trendy punk hair colors.
punk hair color 2014cool red hair
If you want to have a block coloring, the most suitable color will be red hair color. Fiery red hair woman will be in the center of attention. Combine your red hair color with choppy layered hairstyle. Light and dark shades of red color will be suitable for fair complexion, so if you are not sure, that this color will suit you, you can have red highlights combined with dark or light base tone.
2014 punk hair color2014 hair colour
We cannot imagine punk hairstyle without blue and purple highlights. These colors will look just gorgeous, when combined with black and brunette hair colors. Choose the style of highlights, that will most suit your face shape and skin tone, so that you will have breathtaking image. Complete your platinum blonde hair with light purple or blue to have edgy punk look.
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Feel Good, look good

Perhaps one of the most simple pleasures you can give yourself is a
visit to your favorite salon.  As a stylist and mother I can honestly relate to the lack of time and exhaustion many women are experiencing, but have no fear I have some easy tips to reboot yourself and feel refreshed. If we continue to do the same things, we will continue to get the same results, the simplest change can be wonderful.

Simple Tips To Reboot:
  • Schedule a blow-out at a salon.
  • Add a few clip-on hair extensions.
  • ALWAYS get a regular trim/haircut ( to avoid the notorious clip/ponytail)
  • Ask your stylist for a glaze/gloss or a few fresh highlights.
  • Schedule a mini-massage.
  • Buy NEW make-up.
  • Buy a new hand-bag.
An hour to yourself can make all the difference in the world, get creative with your treats and enjoy what ever makes you feel good.  But remember your hair and make-up hold a tremendous influence on how you feel, if you look good you will most likely feel good!

Take time for yourself, no excuses.